Welcome to Citrine Asia Capital

We are a premier asset management company with a core focus on real estate investment.

As a subsidiary of Goodland Group Limited (SGX:5PC), one of the leading Singapore companies specializing in the fields of property development, our unified in house resources supports the operation of a fully integrated platform across the entire real estate value chain.

Our only commitment is to you, our clients. We are partners with you on your journey to grow your hard-earned money and build a better future for generations to come.

Driven by a dedicated management team with in-depth knowledge and vast experience in the finance and real estate industry, we have a relentless focus on delivering the best performance for your investment.

At Citrine Asia Capital, we aspire to create sophisticated and diverse solutions that will set new standards in the asset management industry.

With a suite of REITs and real estate projects under our belt, we provide you access to a broad spectrum of strategies that are aligned with your investment objectives and time horizon.

Our investment teams have a strong appreciation for on-the-ground opportunities in the real estate sector that are concealed from the untrained eyes. With the incorporation of local market intelligence, we are able to translate these insights into building strong and dynamic portfolios that deliver superior long-term investment performance for our clients.